App for Physicians Also Popular with Patients

Epocrates is one of the most popular medical apps available for iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile. It’s intended to help physicians access medical information — including drug dosing, reference values for vital statistics, and information about diseases — quickly and efficiently. Because the app market is glutted with medical applications, the value of Epocrates is that it combines the most important functions into a single app. In a recent press release, the Epocrates compay referred to the app as a “prescription for medical app overload”:

Mobile apps are only as valuable as they are useful. We’ve advanced the user experience of our world-class drug reference app and added a singular channel to discover, store and access reliable tools. Furthermore, this is a fresh foundation for new partner engagements and opportunities to deliver even more value-add resources to our network.

Tracking Blood Glucose? There’s an App (and Hardware) for That

Diabetics often need to test blood glucose levels several times a day in order to make appropriate decisions about nutrition and, in the case of type 1 diabetics, insulin administration. Medisana, a German company, has developed hardware and an app that allow diabetics to test — and keep track of — blood glucose on an iPhone or iPad. The hardware, called the GlucoDock, connects to an Apple mobile device. The user puts a very small drop of blood on a test strip, and inserts it into the device. GlucoDock, via the VitaDock software, measures blood sugar and records the measurement for personal data tracking purposes.


App Helps Users Maintain Blood Caffeine at Optimal Levels

For many people, a mid-day coffee break helps boost alertness and increase productivity. It turns out there’s a science to coffee-drinking, and it’s more complicated than deciding between a latte and an espresso.

Caffeine zone

LowestMed Mobile App Helps Consumers Make Informed Decisions About Prescription Drugs

LowestMed recently launched a first-in-the-industry mobile app that enables healthcare consumers to view and compare prescription drug prices — including $4 generic drugs — at leading supermarket and pharmacy chains in their local area on an iPhone or Android device.


Medical Mobile Video App Ringadoc

Ringadoc, a startup based in West Hollywood, California, has developed a new method for healthcare delivery. Their goal is to make healthcare instantly available to those in need. This is done by connecting patients to doctors for medical consultations over any phone, from any location, with complete audio and video conferencing.