LowestMed Mobile App Helps Consumers Make Informed Decisions About Prescription Drugs

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LowestMed recently launched a first-in-the-industry mobile app that enables healthcare consumers to view and compare prescription drug prices — including $4 generic drugs — at leading supermarket and pharmacy chains in their local area on an iPhone or Android device.


LowestMed’s proprietary technology effectively makes prescription drug pricing transparent. The LowestMed app includes more than 1,000 of the most popular brand name and generic drugs, which comprise more than 95% of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the nation.

According to Brad Bangerter, CEO of LowestMed:

Most consumers don’t realize that prices can vary widely by pharmacy, and that up until this point the only way to do price comparisons on a local level was to go to each pharmacy and submit an insurance claim. With the LowestMed app, for the first time consumers are empowered with the full transparency to identify the least expensive drug prices in their area. We do for the pharmacy marketplace what Travelocity or KAYAK does for the travel industry, providing a one-stop, fast, convenient and easy way for consumers to maximize savings on their medications.

The app also includes a free LowestMed discount card, which when displayed at the point of sale provides savings of 10 to 85 percent off of retail prices.

In addition to the mobile app, users can also compare prices and lookup thousands of additional drug price comparisons at the LowestMed website.

Source: LowestMed

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