Sleep Champ App Helps Kids Sleep Like Champs

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Lack of sleep is a national epidemic for kids today. Sleep deprivation can affect cognitive skills, health, academic achievement, and relationships. For children, getting enough sleep helps with everything from schoolwork, to behavior, to friendships, to physical wellbeing. Sometimes the problem isn’t how much, but how well, a child is sleeping. That’s where the Sleep Champ app can help.

Sleep Champ app

According to the National Sleep Foundation, children aged 5 to 12 need 10-11 hours of sleep. However, at the same time there is an increasing demand on their time from school, extracurricular and social activities. In addition, school-aged children become interested in TV, computers, mobile devices and other media, all of which can lead to difficulty sleeping. Indeed, sleep problems and disorders are common at this age. How can parents ensure that their children are getting quality sleep?

Launched in August by the health information technology company Zansors and the University of Michigan Health System, Sleep Champ offers parents a unique, well-researched tool that identifies potential sleep and breathing problems in children, increases awareness, and provides helpful sleep resources. Using evidence-based technology from Dr. Ronald Chervin and the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center, the Sleep Champ app empowers millions of online parents who can utilize self-help digital tools to promote better sleep quality and wellness for their children.

Sleep Champ utilizes the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center’s sleep quality (SRBD) Scale technology. After answering some yes-or-no questions, parents are given a score. Sleep Champ then helps you understand what the score means, whether your child may be having trouble sleeping, and how to share your concerns with your pediatrician. The questions in the app have been researched most extensively among children aged 5 to 12, but should still apply between ages 2 and 18.

The Sleep Champ for Kids app costs $3.99 and is available for Apple and Android devices. The app allows you to create unlimited profiles and an unlimited number of questionnaires. Note that Sleep Champ is not designed to diagnose any medical condition, including sleep apnea, and is not a substitute for professional advice from your pediatrician or for professional testing that might be performed in a sleep laboratory.

The Sleep Champ video below will show you the different sections available, sample questions, and how to use the app.

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