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Ringadoc, a startup based in West Hollywood, California, has developed a new method for healthcare delivery. Their goal is to make healthcare instantly available to those in need. This is done by connecting patients to doctors for medical consultations over any phone, from any location, with complete audio and video conferencing.


Powered by TeleThrive software, an instant connectivity platform built for the healthcare industry, Ringadoc enables patients to easily and quickly call doctors when facing a non-urgent medical illness. The iOS app and Android app are currently free.

You can call a doctor whenever you have a medical question — in the middle of the night, on weekends, or on holidays. In the time it takes you to research wellness remedies online, you could already have advice from an experienced doctor and a proven treatment plan. Ringadoc doctors can also prescribe antibiotics, antihistamines, and more at the time of your call.

Ringadoc uses advanced Internet and phone security technologies to protect your information. You control who has access to your electronic health record.

Most importantly, Ringadoc physicians are licensed, board-certified and prescreened by a professional credentialing team. All of them hold 10+ years of experience.

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Pay-as-you-go consultations cost $39.99 per doctor call. Pre-paid plans are less expensive (per doctor call). Users record an audio summary of their medical history and a video describing their medical concern, which the doctor consults before speaking with the patient.

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