Tracking Blood Glucose? There’s an App (and Hardware) for That

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Diabetics often need to test blood glucose levels several times a day in order to make appropriate decisions about nutrition and, in the case of type 1 diabetics, insulin administration. Medisana, a German company, has developed hardware and an app that allow diabetics to test — and keep track of — blood glucose on an iPhone or iPad. The hardware, called the GlucoDock, connects to an Apple mobile device. The user puts a very small drop of blood on a test strip, and inserts it into the device. GlucoDock, via the VitaDock software, measures blood sugar and records the measurement for personal data tracking purposes.


The GlucoDock is just one of the devices that can be connected to an iPhone or iPad to measure and record health information through the VitaDock software. Other devices include the ThermoDock, which measures body (or room) temperature via infrared, the CardioDock, which uses a cuff to measure and track blood pressure, and the TargetScale, which calculates a variety of body composition metrics, including body mass index (a ratio of weight to height) and body fat percentage.

Source: VitaDock

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