Depressed? There’s an App for That

Patients under treatment for depression typically see a therapist at regular intervals. Still, it’s common for psychiatric patients to have a “crisis” outside of therapy. Traditionally, family and friends have had to notice and intervene in order to get the patient the help they need. There’s always the concern, however, that a depressed individual won’t have family or friends nearby during a crisis, or that they will hide the symptoms of their depression.


LowestMed Mobile App Helps Consumers Make Informed Decisions About Prescription Drugs

LowestMed recently launched a first-in-the-industry mobile app that enables healthcare consumers to view and compare prescription drug prices — including $4 generic drugs — at leading supermarket and pharmacy chains in their local area on an iPhone or Android device.


Medical Mobile Video App Ringadoc

Ringadoc, a startup based in West Hollywood, California, has developed a new method for healthcare delivery. Their goal is to make healthcare instantly available to those in need. This is done by connecting patients to doctors for medical consultations over any phone, from any location, with complete audio and video conferencing.


Emergency Medical Center Locator iPhone App

With a smartphone, it’s easy to find the nearest restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or bank. But what about the nearest medical care?

Enter the Emergency Medical Center Locator (EMCL) iPhone app, a free, public service app that helps you find the specialized emergency medical center closest to you — no matter where you are in the world. Featuring only the most advanced, state-of-the-art emergency care facilities with proven track records of stellar care, the app directs users to the closest medical center in one of six specialty areas, proving accurate, reliable information that can literally make the difference between life and death.

EMCL iPhone app