Rare Disease Day 2013: Rare Disorders Without Borders

Today is the sixth annual Rare Disease Day, an international advocacy day held on the last day of February — a rare day for rare people. On this day, millions of patients and their families from more than 60 countries and regions around the world will share their story to promote awareness of the challenges of living with a rare disease and bring widespread recognition of rare diseases as a global health challenge. This year’s slogan is “Rare Disorders without Borders”, which emphasizes the need for international cooperation.

Rare diseases without borders

Biomarker Bulletin: January 30, 2012

Biomarker Bulletin is an occasionally recurring update of news focused on biomarkers aggregated at BiomarkerCommons.org. Biomarkers are physical, functional or biochemical indicators of normal physiological or disease processes. The individualization of disease management — personalized medicine — is dependent on developing biomarkers that promote specific clinical domains, including early detection, risk, diagnosis, prognosis and predicted response to therapy.

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