The Best of Highlight HEALTH 2007 – The Year in Review

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As 2007 comes to a close, I would like to thank you for your readership. Just over one year ago, I launched two websites, Highlight HEALTH and the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory. Here at Highlight HEALTH, my goal was to write about biomedical research I found interesting and to make it easier for people to understand research findings, empowering them to have more productive discussions with their physicians and to make informed decisions about healthcare. The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory is my endeavor to catalog and make available health-related websites I find to be informative and useful. More recently, I’ve also started writing about Web 2.0 in Health, Fitness and Medicine, and plan to publish a series of review articles on a number of health-focused social networks.

This past month, I started the Highlight HEALTH Network, an aggregation of content from both sites to allow readers to keep up with the latest articles on Highlight HEALTH and the newest additions to the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory, all from a single source.

If you enjoy reading articles on Highlight HEALTH and the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory, I’d like to ask for your continued support.

… and above all, please continue to read and participate.

Here are the most popular articles for 2007 (top 20 based on the number of page views/number of days posted):

  1. The Highlight HEALTH Network RSS Dashboard Widget
  2. Smoking Cessation Timeline: What Happens When You Quit
  3. Dichloroacetate Not Ready for Therapeutic Use
  4. The Highlight HEALTH Network
  5. New Common Cold Virus Variant Deadly
  6. Common Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Promote Metastasis
  7. Overweight Kids and TV: An Advertising Epidemic
  8. Saline Nasal Irrigation More Effective than Spray for Chronic Sinus Symptoms
  9. Pediatric Grand Rounds 2.8
  10. The Genetics of Panic Disorder
  11. Smoking Duration vs. Intensity and the Impact on Lung Cancer Risk
  12. Social Networks and Health – The Research and the Reviews
  13. Quercetin
  14. American Obesity Rate Levels Off
  15. Biodegradable Polymers for Drug and Gene Delivery
  16. Individual Genetics, Coffee Consumption, BRCA1 and Breast Cancer
  17. The Flu, Your Health and the Importance of Vaccination
  18. SCHIP Funding and Fiscal Irresponsibility
  19. DNA Amplification by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  20. Sinus Congestion

Thank you and Best of Health in the coming year!

About the Author

Walter Jessen is a senior writer for Highlight HEALTH Media.