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Just in time for the holidays, Highlight HEALTH and the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory now offer an aggregated news feed.

The Highlight HEALTH Network is currently an aggregation of content from two news feeds:

  • Highlight HEALTH
  • The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory: New Additions
UPDATE: February 5th, 2008

The Highlight HEALTH Network now includes a third source:
Highlight HEALTH 2.0

The aggregation of feeds allows readers to easily keep up with the latest articles on Highlight HEALTH and the newest additions to the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory. You can subscribe to the Highlight HEALTH Network via RSS or email.

Do you currently subscribe to feeds on either Highlight HEALTH or the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory? Not to worry … these single feeds will continue uninterrupted. However, by subscribing to the Highlight HEALTH Network, you can stay up-to-date with new articles and websites, all from a single source.

Here’s some highlights of recent articles on Highlight HEALTH:

Here’s some highlights of recent additions to the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory. Hint: click on the category title to see all the websites currently listed.

Medicine 2.0

  • MedSqod: Podcasting for Medical Professionals
    The healthcare dynamic is changing radically and physicians need to embrace new information technologies, including podcasting, to stay relevant and to keep and attract patients. MedSqod: Podcasting for Medical Professionals helps individual or small group medical professionals wanting to podcast learn how to make a 20 minute quality medical podcast, without podcasting taking over their lives.

Children’s Health

Personalized Medicine

  • Helix Health
    Medicine of the 21st century is undergoing a revolution. From the tradition of treating disease once it is already advanced and disabling, physicians are increasingly able to predict what condition may arise in each patient, what therapy will be most effective, and how best to ensure a healthy legacy for future generations. To fully tap the power of this revolution for your own health, you need a team dedicated to the application of the latest advances in genetic testing on your side. Welcome to Helix Health.
  • GeneTests
    A genetic testing resource including an introduction to genetic counseling and testing and a genetics laboratory directory.

Next up: plans to add a third feed to the Highlight HEALTH Network, which will include articles and reviews on Web 2.0 in Health, Fitness and Medicine from the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory.

Happy Holidays!

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Walter Jessen, Ph.D. is a Data Scientist, Digital Biologist, and Knowledge Engineer. His primary focus is to build and support expert systems, including AI (artificial intelligence) and user-generated platforms, and to identify and develop methods to capture, organize, integrate, and make accessible company knowledge. His research interests include disease biology modeling and biomarker identification. He is also a Principal at Highlight Health Media, which publishes Highlight HEALTH, and lead writer at Highlight HEALTH.