Brain Awareness Week 2012 at Highlight HEALTH

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Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is an annual celebration, coordinated by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain, dedicated to raising public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. Every March, BAW unites the efforts of organizations around the world to bring the excitement of science and communicate the progress and benefits of brain research to the general public.

Brain Awareness Week

The international campaign focuses attention on the field of neuroscience and provides opportunities for people to engage in fun educational activities. BAW events are limited only by the organizers’ imaginations. From dynamic classroom presentations and laboratory tours to enlightening museum exhibits and public lectures, BAW activities:

  • Contribute to general understanding of basic brain functions
  • Improve public health by expanding awareness of neurological disorders
  • Inspire the next generation of researchers and physicians
  • Make the connection between increased support for biomedical research and benefits to public health

For 2012, Highlight HEALTH has again proudly partnered with the BAW campaign. All this week, we’ll be running stories and posting videos on brain research. To further excite and educate people about the brain and brain research, we’re also giving away a number of free materials to readers. Simply subscribe to weekly updates from Highlight HEALTH and then email us at with your name and mailing address and we will send you the following items:

Q and A

Q&A: Answering Your Questions About Brain Research

This pamphlet provides answers to commonly asked questions about the brain and its disorders. Discover how research is advancing our understanding of the brain in health and disease.

Staying Sharp Booklet: Memory and Aging

Staying Sharp Booklet: Memory and Aging

Moments of forgetfulness happen to everyone, even the young. But as we get older, they may leave us wondering if we’re losing our mental edge.

Staying Sharp Booklet: Learning as We Age

Staying Sharp Booklet: Learning as We Age

According to the latest brain research, actively engaging our brains in learning throughout life can have a significant impact on how well our brains age. Find out what neuroscience has revealed about lifelong learning.

Staying Sharp Booklet: Late-Life Brain Disorders

Staying Sharp Booklet: Late-Life Brain Disorders

Is there anyone who doesn’t desire to live life to the fullest every day, no matter their age? Learn about a few of the most common and most debilitating late-life brain disorders: dementia, depression, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic pain.

More Mindbogglers

More Mindbogglers!

More Mindbogglers! takes a closer look at learning and memory, the senses, drug addiction and how the brain and nervous system work in a fun format.

Mindboggling Workbook

The Mindboggling Workbook

A fun-filled activity book about the brain for children in grades K-3 (ages 5-9). The Mindboggling Workbook provides an introduction to how the brain works, what the brain does, its importance and how to take care of it.

Brain Connections: Your Source Guide to Information on Brain Diseases and Disorders

Brain Connections: Your Source Guide to Information on Brain Diseases and Disorders

A source guide that lists more than 240 organizations in the United States likely to help those looking for information, referrals, and other guidance in connection with brain-related disorders. Listings provide mailing addresses, toll-free numbers, email and website addresses, and identify the primary services each organization provides.

We’ll also send along a Brain Awareness Week pencil and a cool brain-shaped eraser, both in fun colors, so email us at the address above and join in this year’s Brain Awareness Week celebration.

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