Medicexchange: A Medical Imaging Resource

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The New England Journal of Medicine calls the development of body imaging one of the most important medical developments of the past 1,000 years [1]. Indeed, patient-specific information regarding disease diagnosis and progression is routinely obtained today using medical imaging.

Medicexchange is a medical imaging portal where you can find all the world’s leading medical imaging solutions in one place and offers a number of benefits for both radiology professionals and informed health consumers.

For the radiologist, Medicexchange provides access to the latest in medical imaging products, technology and surgical planning and procedure software programs. These solutions are in a low-cost, on-demand and digitally-downloadable format, allowing access to information and products that are traditionally difficult to obtain. The radiology software product directory can be browsed by modality, specialty or software type. Each product page provides additional information on integration, licensing and system requirements.

For both e-patients and radiology professionals, Medicexchange is an excellent resource for medical imaging news, with six specialty areas:

Additionally, the portal offers moderated professional discussion groups. Registered users can participate in variety of imaging-related conversations with forums that relate back to the specialty areas listed above. Each forum post is an entry and every month one winner will be chosen at random to win $100 — a great way to involve the community and promote the sharing of knowledge.

Registration also gives you access to the Speaker’s Corner, where medical imaging professionals can submit articles for website publication.

Medicexchange is a much needed resource that will benefit both radiology professionals and patients. A recent white paper by the business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan [2] evaluated the attractability of an online medical imaging software portal and concluded that: meets emerging end-user and software developer criteria to achieve success in the medical imaging industry. Software developers stand to benefit from a forum that will enable it to bypass traditional modality OEM channels to reach the end-user directly. The end-user [patients] will in turn benefit from this direct contact, as their medical imaging software palette is significantly increased.


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