The Best of Highlight HEALTH 2008 – The Year in Review

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As Highlight HEALTH celebrates its second year promoting advances in biomedical research to encourage health literacy, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued readership.

Three websites make up the Highlight HEALTH Network:

Each of these sites has a different purpose. Here at Highlight HEALTH, we focus on evidence-based biomedical research to educate readers and empower patients (if you’re interested in contributing, please let us know). Highlight HEALTH 2.0, a group effort, follows the use of Web 2.0 in health and medicine. Lastly, the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory is an online reference guide for reliable health and medical information.

There are more ways than ever to connect with the Highlight HEALTH Network, including email/RSS, Twitter and Facebook. If you have an internet-enabled cell phone, Highlight HEALTH can be accessed via the mobile web.

If you enjoy the articles here at Highlight HEALTH, I’d like to ask for your continued support.

… and above all, please continue to read and participate.

Top 20 most popular articles

Here are the most popular articles for 2008 (top 20 based on the number of page views/number of days posted):

  1. Grand Rounds 5.14 Holiday Edition
  2. Metabolic Changes in Human Brain Evolution and Schizophrenia
  3. Encephalon #58 – Decision Making
  4. Potential Location of Autism Genes Identified
  5. The New Placebo: Prescribing Positive Expectations with Real Drugs
  6. 2008 Presidential Candidates on the Issues of Biomedical Research and Healthcare
  7. Health Search and the Semantic Web
  8. The Power of Gratitude to Cultivate Happiness
  9. Neurodegenerative Disease and the Coming Epidemic
  10. Chiropractic Adjustments and Artery Dissection: Is Your Neck in Safe Hands?
  11. Viral-based Human Disease and the Nobel Prize for Medicine
  12. New Highlight HEALTH Network RSS Feed
  13. Closing Arguments on Big Tobacco, Boston Legal Style
  14. The Cancer Genome Atlas Reports Molecular Characterization of Brain Tumors
  15. Highlight HEALTH Goes Mobile
  16. Gene Expression Can Predict the Survival of Lymphoma Patients
  17. Health Highlights – October 7th, 2008
  18. HelixGene Foundation to Ensure Responsible Reporting of Genomic Medicine
  19. Cancer Research Blog Carnival #13 – Stand Up To Cancer
  20. Overeating Fast Food Carbs Causes Signs of Liver Damage

Thank you and Best of Health in the coming year!

About the Author

Walter Jessen is a senior writer for Highlight HEALTH Media.