New Highlight HEALTH Network RSS Feed

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It’s been almost a year since we introduced the Highlight HEALTH Network. The network is an aggregation of content from three sites:

  • Highlight HEALTH
  • Highlight HEALTH 2.0
  • The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory

There’s also a network webpage, Highlight (.net as in network, creative isn’t it?), which displays recent content from each site. The Highlight HEALTH Network makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest articles and directory links, all from a single source.

Grab the new Highlight HEALTH Network feed

The Highlight HEALTH Network has a brand new RSS feed, so if you’re a subscriber, it’s time to update the address in your feedreader.

The feed now validates (no thanks to FeedBurner …) and we’ve tracked down the elusive double post bug that has plagued directory listings.

Subscribe by RSS or email:

There are a number of other ways to connect with the Highlight HEALTH Network. From RSS feeds to e-mail alerts to social networks, there’s bound to be a resource that works best for you. Don’t miss out on any of the great content on the Highlight HEALTH Network. Choose the resource(s) that work best for you and get connected today!

About the Author

Walter Jessen is a senior writer for Highlight HEALTH Media.