10 Reasons to List Your Site in the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory is my endeavor to catalog and make available health-related websites I find to be informative and useful. The response thus far has been fantastic. Presently, there are 250 listings in over 40 categories. My thanks to everyone who submitted their blog or website.

For those of you who haven’t listed your website in the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory, here’s 10 reasons why you should:

  1. Gain exposure for your website.

    Your website’s visibility increases and its prominence is enhanced when it’s listed in a specific category along with related top-quality sites.

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  3. Make your website a quality resource for information.

    The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory is human-edited and spam free. Each and every submission, free or paid, is evaluated for content and quality prior to directory inclusion.

  4. The directory listing is free.

    All regular listings with a link back to the directory are free cost only $5.00.

  5. All bloggers like buttons.

    Once you submit your site, you can add the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory badge to your site:

    Highlight HEALTH Web Directory

    Simply copy and paste this code wherever you want the button:

    <a href=”http://www.highlighthealth.info/”><img src=”http://www.highlighthealth.info/images/highlighthealth.png” alt=”Highlight HEALTH Web Directory” title=”Highlight HEALTH Web Directory” /></a>

  6. Receive an incoming link to your website from a trusted, reputable source.

    The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information. The mission of the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory is to compile a select, quality database of online health resources that is free for everyone to use.

  7. Free advertising.

    Every day, two random links and their descriptions from the directory are featured on the homepage.

  8. Increase website traffic.

    Who doesn’t want more visitors? A link to your site from the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory can help with traffic. Importantly, it’s targeted traffic, meaning the reader is already interested in what you’re writing about when they click on your link.

  9. Improve your website’s search engine rankings.

    The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory offers regular and featured listings that don’t require a reciprocal link. These one-way links are beneficial from a search engine optimization (SEO) aspect and are important, especially for niche sites such as health and medicine. Search engines give importance to the number of links pointing to your site when ranking it for position during search. The better your ranking, the higher up your website appears on the search engine results page (SERP).

  10. Get your website indexed by search engines.

    Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN use crawlers or spiders to search the web for new sites. If you want search engines to find your site, there couldn’t be an easier way than having them find your site through a listing in the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory.

  11. Contribute to the conversation.

    Be part of a larger community discussing health and medicine by listing your website with the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory.

List your site in the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory today!

About the Author

Walter Jessen, Ph.D. is a Data Scientist, Digital Biologist, and Knowledge Engineer. His primary focus is to build and support expert systems, including AI (artificial intelligence) and user-generated platforms, and to identify and develop methods to capture, organize, integrate, and make accessible company knowledge. His research interests include disease biology modeling and biomarker identification. He is also a Principal at Highlight Health Media, which publishes Highlight HEALTH, and lead writer at Highlight HEALTH.