AssureRx Health Launches Personalized Medicine Test for ADHD

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Mason, Ohio-based AssureRx Health announced this week that it has launched a personalized medicine test for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The new pharmacogenomic test — GeneSightRx ADHD — analyzes variations in three genes that influence how a patient might metabolize certain medications used to treat ADHD in children and adults.

AssureRx Health

ADHD is the most common childhood disorder and can continue into adulthood. The disorder is characterized by intense motor restlessness, an inability to stay focused or pay attention, and radical impulsivity.

Over the past decade, ADHD diagnoses have increased 66%. Scientists recently identified a genetic link to ADHD, showing that children with the disorder have twice as many large copy number variations (CNVs) — the presence of more or less than two copies of a region of DNA due to its duplication or deletion — as healthy controls. These genomic differences may influence how individual patients tolerate ADHD medications.

The AssureRx Health genetic test helps clinicians understand a patient’s unique genomic profile and individualize medication selection. Using a simple, non-invasive cheek swab, AssureRx Health can rapidly test the sample and post a report via a secure online portal. The GeneSightRx ADHD test provides objective, evidence-based information for clinicians to personalize medication selection for each patient.

Source: Biomarker Commons

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