The Doctor’s Channel – A Media Snack for Doctors

“Media snacking” is a term used to describe the consumption of small bits of information, data or entertainment. Social networks such as StumbleUpon, Facebook and, text and media sites such as Twitter and Pownce, Flickr … the list goes on and on. People that consume bite-sized media chunks, short web videos, RSS feeds and blogs are picking and choosing media that can be viewed quickly and easily. Today, it’s all about the packaging of information.

It’s all about being brief and succinct.

In today’s fast-paced, hectic world, everyone is busy, especially doctors. With patient visits, paperwork and meetings, doctors have little time to learn from each other and the healthcare community. The Doctor’s Channel, an internet TV site for doctors, is a time-saving tool that offers doctors an informative media snack, enabling them to learn about the latest news, ideas and information quickly.

The Doctors ChannelThe site offers 1 — 2 minute streaming videos offering rich, concise content delivered by doctors, as well as opinions and editorials. Doctors can film and post short videos pertaining to anything they think would be of interest to their peers, such as therapy approaches, surgical procedures, new drugs, etc. Further, users can register on the site and, like other social networks, join groups related to their interests. The site covers a total of 42 therapeutic specialties.

The Doctor’s Channel President David Best, MD, MBA, said [1]:

We started The Doctor’s Channel because it’s apparent that the traditional system of medical education isn’t working as well as it could. Watching a talking head for 15 minutes on a computer screen is a crushing bore. The world is media snacking, getting their information in short bursts from cell phones, podcasts and RSS feeds. We decided that the physician, who really does have precious few minutes a day, is the perfect audience for short, succinct educational streaming videos. Our goal is to provide an engaging, interesting way for doctors to learn that quickly gets to the point.

The Doctor’s Channel is just one of several websites that offer reputable video content that can be viewed by health consumers. Additional websites include:

  • icyou, a healthcare video community with hundreds health-oriented videos from certified medical and health professionals (as well as regular people)
  • Empowered Doctor, a health and medical news website that offers the latest news with short video stories.

These are excellent alternatives to using YouTube as a source of health misinformation.

Do you know of other reputable medical video content websites? Let me know!

Additional health and medical video resources are listed in the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory.


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