Breathable, Implantable Microcomputers that Conform to the Human Body

Traditional tech devices have been rigid and boxy. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup MC10 aims to change that. The company is developing flexible and stretchable electronics that preserve the performance of silicon while enabling new form factors that can be bent or stretched to conform to soft and irregular surfaces and can be used for a variety of medical applications.


EZ Vein Receives Quick FDA Approval

EZ Vein is designed to ease the sometimes tricky job of inserting an intravenous catheter. The noninvasive device includes an inflation cuff that goes over the arm to redirect blood from deep tissue to the target vein near the skin’s surface to make more visible and accessible to a needle.

EZ Vein

The medical device was invented by Dr. Robert Perry, a resident at Oklahoma University Medical Center. EZ Vein is so practical that federal regulators approved it in just 17 days.

According to Perry:

It was kind of a surprise. I wasn’t anticipating getting anything back until January, and I got it in October.

Source: NewsOK

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