This is Where the End of Cancer Begins – Stand Up To Cancer

“We used to have such wild dreams, the kind that brought us together, made us a movement.

We dreamed we’d split the atom, walk on the moon, unlock our very genetic code.

To those who said ‘impossible’, ‘can’t happen’, ‘won’t happen’, we didn’t hear a word. We stood up and we changed the world.

Stand up, Stand up for everyone who can’t rise anymore. One person every minute, one life in a moment is taken by a disease that we can actually cure. And in the time it’s taken to say these words, one more American has died.


This is where the end of cancer begins. When together we rise as one. When we Stand Up To Cancer.”


  1. Stand Up To Cancer, television special, CBS Television, U.S.A., Executive producer Laura Ziskin. 2008 Sept 5.

ScienceCures: Today’s Science, Tomorrow’s Cures

Last month, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) launched a new website,, a voter education initiative aimed at raising the profile of federal funding for biomedical research among the presidential candidates and the general public in the U.S.. provides a number of interactive resources to learn how NIH-funded scientists are working for cures in your state, what the American people think about supporting research, and how basic research leads to medical advancement.