SleepTracker Watch Helps Manage, Improve Sleep

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SleepTracker is a wristwatch that promises to improve sleep quality (and outlook on life) by monitoring the wearer’s sleeping patterns. The watch’s alarm wakes the wearer at the best possible time during a user-determined window.


From the SleepTracker website:

Unlike any other product on the market, the patented SleepTracker wakes you up during a light stage of sleep helping you start your day feeling less tired and groggy. Typical alarm clocks go off at the time you set regardless of what stage of sleep you are in. The deeper the sleep when the alarm goes off, the worse you feel when you are awoken. With SleepTracker, you tell it what time you want to wake up, and then select a window of time for SleepTracker to find your lightest stage of sleep to wake you up.

Because the watch can track sleep patterns over time, it becomes better at determining the optimal moment for waking the user with increased use. According to SleepTracker, waking up at the wrong time during a sleep cycle (such as from a deep stage of sleep) can have effects that last all day long. The company suggests that using SleepTracker regularly will help the user to optimize sleep (provided the watch isn’t used to artificially shorten sleep time) and wake up each day feeling refreshed.

SleepTracker works by detecting your lightest stage of sleep within a user-provided window of time to wake you up. For example: if you’ve set your alarm for 8am with a window of 10 minutes, SleepTracker will wake you up when it detects your lightest stage of sleep between 7:50 am – 8:10 am.

Source: SleepTracker

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