The Impact of Healthcare Reform – Grand Rounds Call for Submissions

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Highlight HEALTH will be hosting the next edition of Grand Rounds, 7.11, on Tuesday, December 7th.

Starting in January 2011, you’ll no longer be able to use your flexible spending account for over-the-counter medications unless you have a doctor’s prescription. For this edtion of Grand Rounds, we’d like to focus on the impact of healthcare reform: what are the changes to healthcare delivery, utilization, quality, costs (either as a provider or a patient) or outcomes. After all, these changes affect everyone, whether you’re a healthcare provider, a biomedical researcher and/or a patient. As host, I invite you to send your submissions.

Grand Rounds

What is Grand Rounds?

Grand Rounds is a weekly rotating summary of the best health and medical posts on the Web. Established in 2003, Grand Rounds is the oldest and most popular medical blog carnival on the Internet. Previous editions are listed at Blogborygmi and a calendar of upcoming editions is listed at Better Health.

Submissions are due by Sunday, December 5th at 10:00:00 UTC (6:00pm EST). The theme is “The Impact of Healthcare Reform”. Please use the following format and send your submissions to walter[at]

Submission Format:

Subject line: Grand Rounds submission
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