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The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory, a companion site of Highlight HEALTH, is a searchable categorized directory of quality health-related websites, including health & medical blogs, research journals, personalized medicine and health 2.0 resources.

What is a Web Directory?

Web directories or as they are also known, search directories, existed before the popularity of search engines. A web directory is not a search engine nor does it display a list of web pages based on keywords. Instead, it displays a list of web sites by category. Web directories are large collections of links to websites, arranged in different categories.

Although many web directories offer a search function, they are fundamentally different than search engines in two ways. First, most directories do not collect website addresses automatically using web crawlers. Instead, site owners submit their links directly to the directory. Second, most directories are edited by real people. The primary advantage of a web directory is that each website is reviewed by a real person prior to inclusion and, because of this review, the chance of being placed in the wrong category is small. For end users, this means better focused content and fewer clicks to find what you’re looking for. The review also serves to filter less desirable websites from the directory.

A web directory is very useful resource if high quality, informative websites are listed.

The Highlight HEALTH Web Directory is my endeavor to catalog and make available health-related websites I find to be informative and useful. The links from every article I’ve written on Highlight HEALTH are cataloged there. While I strive to write meaningful, informative articles, I know there are many other resources out there for people interested in health. The focus of the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory is to provide those resources to the readers of Highlight HEALTH. The directory does allow for paid regular and featured listings. However, payment does not guarantee directory inclusion. Many sites have been rejected based on poor quality and/or content.

The directory offers the following features:

  • Organization – websites are arranged by category to facilitate easy browsing.
  • Review – each website in the directory has been reviewed prior to inclusion.
  • Search – a sidebar search allows you to search by keyword or phrase.
  • RSS – each category has a web feed, making it easy to monitor for new content.
  • Top Hits – the most popular sites viewed by users.
  • Latest Links – the latest links added to the directory.

The right-most grey menu button at the top of every page on Highlight HEALTH takes you directly to the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory. Once there, the “Directory” button becomes the “Blog” button and allows you to navigate back to Highlight HEALTH.

Is your site listed in the Highlight HEALTH Web Directory?

About the Author

Walter Jessen is a senior writer for Highlight HEALTH Media.